Sunday 17 October 2010

Ellie and Olivia @ Adage

I am trying to post as much as possible but life seems to get in the way all the time. Today's images are over a month old now!!
I had a mad week shooting when I moved to the new studio to test the new space and the amazing natural light available with the huuuge sexy windows. These images are not a set, rather a collection of images that helped me find what I wanted from the studio.

The models were the lovely Ellie and Olivia from Adage (thanks to Tracie and Leah). Such sweet girls! Since shooting the TWINS story I was looking forward to doing another double beauty shoot.
Liv and Ellie look very young and fresh, so make-up artist Becky got the airbrush out and did the most incredible natural make up with light eye colour.. and we just set the fan free on the girls hair.

I used a lot of available light and these were the results:

Friday 1 October 2010

Kismet magazine

I've been itching to post these images online!!!
I've had to wait till Kismet (a lovely online magazine) published them though, in their Netherlands edition. Waiting is the part of having images published which I hate the most!

Anyway.. I'm hoping that now I've started posting again I'll make it a regular thing.

As mentioned in a post a while back I got a stupendous team together for a black and white themed shoot, and although we had to shoot in my living room (just to remind myself of old times!) the images were even better than I'd hope for. Thanks soooo much to Sonara Parker, Martin Bland, Nicola and Sophie!!

And I'm working with Sonara and Martin again next week so can't wait for that to happen!

You can find the magazine at (our story is near the end)

And here are the images: