Tuesday 26 April 2011

My desk

I was just prepping my bag for the shoot tomorrow and I started playing with my second camera body.. Might have to start taking it along with me on days out.. I missed it!

I ended up taking a couple pics of my desk. No one ever sees it, but it's where I spend a lot of my time! (Plus a little preview on the screen! and a few magazines I've had my work published in).

Thursday 14 April 2011

Holly and Jess

I'm so proud of this shoot! It just feels scrumptious :D

This was a test shoot with models Holly Subritzky and Jessica Lara from Boss Model Management. The girls were stunning and lovely (and so polite they both arrived early.. maybe too early!).

The super talented Sian Faulkner did the make-up and hair miracles (I wish I could keep her in my cupboard so she could do my make-up every day!). And stylist Sarah Nickolds completed the team (she used loads of Gavin Douglas' vintage collections). This basically meant loads of girly chat all throughout the shoot..

I used my new(ish) beauty dish, which I can't seem to stop using.. It just creates stunning light! And one of the new backdrops that I got from the lovely people at Creativity Backgrounds (really well priced high quality paper drops).

We did go slightly early 80s on the feel of the shoot, but the stunning blouses just screamed power dressing to me.. And we also slipped in a couple of natural shots! I adore the one of both the girls together.. hope you like it too!

Models: Jessica Lara and Holly Subritzky @ Boss Model Management
MUA and Hair: Sian Faulkner
Stylist: Sarah Nickolds using Gavin Douglas
@ park studios
© garazi photography 2011

Friday 8 April 2011


I've been dying to show these photos!! But had to wait until they were published..
They can now be seen in FaceON magazine, Issue 6 (that can be purchased here).

These were shot last year, with make-up artist Sian Faulkner and stunning model Francesca from Boss Model Management (who also provided the stunning lips that I showed in February). I loved going in this close, but retouching took a while..

And an extra natural shot too!
Model: Francesca @ Boss Model Management
MUA: Sian Faulkner
@ park studios
© garazi photography 2010