Wednesday 8 December 2010

Camilla pt. 1

Camilla is a lovely model, a complete pleasure to work with! And I had a lovely team for the beauty shoot with her. Sian Faulkner did the make-up and Martin Bland sorted out all hair issues!

This is pt. 1 of Camilla's shoot, a nice natural shot and Sian Faulkner's article for Lifestyle Monthly (December).

Make-up artist: Sian Faulkner
Hair stylist: Martin Bland
Model: Camilla @ Boss Model Management
Photography: Garazi
@ park studios, Birmingham

 And a couple of behind the scenes shots.......

On another note... studio is slowly coming along! Today I put the clothes rail together, but need more clothes on the hangers!! And there are now plans for a changing room.. And I'm hoping to finish painting my dresser soon, so all my mags can live nicely together :D

Garazi xx

Sunday 17 October 2010

Ellie and Olivia @ Adage

I am trying to post as much as possible but life seems to get in the way all the time. Today's images are over a month old now!!
I had a mad week shooting when I moved to the new studio to test the new space and the amazing natural light available with the huuuge sexy windows. These images are not a set, rather a collection of images that helped me find what I wanted from the studio.

The models were the lovely Ellie and Olivia from Adage (thanks to Tracie and Leah). Such sweet girls! Since shooting the TWINS story I was looking forward to doing another double beauty shoot.
Liv and Ellie look very young and fresh, so make-up artist Becky got the airbrush out and did the most incredible natural make up with light eye colour.. and we just set the fan free on the girls hair.

I used a lot of available light and these were the results:

Friday 1 October 2010

Kismet magazine

I've been itching to post these images online!!!
I've had to wait till Kismet (a lovely online magazine) published them though, in their Netherlands edition. Waiting is the part of having images published which I hate the most!

Anyway.. I'm hoping that now I've started posting again I'll make it a regular thing.

As mentioned in a post a while back I got a stupendous team together for a black and white themed shoot, and although we had to shoot in my living room (just to remind myself of old times!) the images were even better than I'd hope for. Thanks soooo much to Sonara Parker, Martin Bland, Nicola and Sophie!!

And I'm working with Sonara and Martin again next week so can't wait for that to happen!

You can find the magazine at (our story is near the end)

And here are the images:

Saturday 25 September 2010

Damian Marquez SS11 lookbook

It's been a long time since I've written anything but it's all been a little bit mad this summer. The building our original studio was at closed down at the end of June, so it was a mad scramble to find a new place! But we are now in a bigger, nicer building, with the most amazing windows ever! There's still a little bit of work to do till the room is perfect, but the stress of the move was definitely worth it!!

The room has inspired me to shoot a little differently now. I used to mainly work with white backdrops and flash heads, but the lovely windows in this new Park Studios mean that I'm shooting much more with natural light.

I've done a few tests in these first few weeks to get familiarised with the space and I'll be posting the images here soon (retouch retouch retouch at the moment!).

But for now here are the images I shot for designer Damian Marquez's SS11 look book. I loved the stripy jackets! (and this shoot has made me want to shoot men again :D)

Damian Marquez S/S 2011

Model - Andrew Palmer
Grooming - Becky Hunting
Wardrobe - George Hill & Holly Smith
Creative Director - Krishan Parmar
@ (new) park studios
© garazi photography 2010

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Nikki and Sohui

Last week was exciting as a I shoot I had planned with MUA Sonara Parker last year finally came to fruition!

We both appeared to have the same black and white vintage looking swimming cap so we decided to do a black and white themed double beauty shoot. We had loads of trouble looking for models but finally we settled on Sohui and Nicola. Which was a perfect pairing for me.. they have the same skin tone! Plus I love working with Nicola and I couldn't wait to work with Sohui (who now has amazing bleached eyebrows <3).

The team was completed by hair stylist Martin Bland.

Unfortunately I was unable to shoot this in my studio so it was a cramped lounge to remember old times! I can't believe I haven't shot at home since last December! It was weird but exciting at the same time..

The images turned out great, and I'm retouching them as we speak, but I have plenty of backstage images to share.. Including some wig shots (btw they are dodgy phone shots!) xx




And a tiny little preview.. only small until they are published!

Monday 28 June 2010

Portfolio shoot with the lovely Pru

I've been very busy this last week, but none the shoots can be posted.. For a while at least!!

And I've been going crosseyed with retouching lately.. I think I'll post some before/after images in next week's post (any techniques you'd like to discuss??).

A couple weeks back I shot some images for Pru's Portfolio with MUA Becky Hunting. It was a lovely hot day and we did a few looks, including some striking beauty shots! And Pru showed how easy jumping shots can be :D

Tuesday 8 June 2010


Last week I did a shoot for the lovely Leila, who wanted a few headshots and beauty shots to complete her portfolio.

We did four different looks with MUA Ami Streets.

A natural look:

Pink lips (my fave, I love the shiny cheekbones!):

Blue eyes:

And a tribal look:

Leila was lovely to work with!

And she told me she's also looking forward to shooting with Team Binkertson this year.

Just finishing the retouch on another client shoot.. they'll be up soon!

In the meantime, I've just updated my website with a few new fashion, beauty and hair images.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Lime Crime

A while back I emailed Doe Deere from NY cosmetics company Lime Crime. They make some amazing coloured lipsticks and eye dusts! I'm converted :D

She was lovely enough to send me and MUA Becky Hunting some products to shoot. I also got stylist Rachael Sadler involved and after a long search for a redhead model (which I really wanted for this shoot) I found Daisy Pettinger!

It was a nightmare to get a date sorted for this shoot.. Coordinating four busy people and getting a date that suited us all meant about 100 emails! (OK, not quite that many! But it was close) And in the end a stye meant we had to reschedule..

I made a neckpiece out of vintage sherry/port glasses and Rachael brought all the other jewellery. The shoot went amazingly well and here are the four final images:

Please check out my website!

Sunday 2 May 2010

26 is a good age to start a blog

For some reason last week I decided it was a good idea to start writing a blog. I'm not the kind of person that likes writing on the computer too much and I'm also one of those people that start things and never finishes them, but I decided that 26 is a good age to start a blog.

Hi! I'm Garazi and I'm a female photographer based in Birmingham, UK. This year has been very exciting so far, including the opening of the new studio (more posts on that to come!), shooting in Cape Town (South Africa) and waiting for the first book with my image on the cover to be released later this month.

Last week included a client shoot with the lovely Lucy (which I'll finish retouching later) and an amazing beauty shoot with make-up artist Sian Davies, model Alison from Adage, hair stylist Sally Thomas and stunning flowers from Solitaire Flowers in Harborne (Birmingham). Previews will be posted soon.. as I'm catching up with retouching a load of shoots I did in London the week before, before my computer decided to through a complete wobbly!

So more images will be on the way as I start completing all the shoots! This seems like a very image lacking first post from a photographer, but it's a start! :D