Tuesday 4 May 2010

Lime Crime

A while back I emailed Doe Deere from NY cosmetics company Lime Crime. They make some amazing coloured lipsticks and eye dusts! I'm converted :D

She was lovely enough to send me and MUA Becky Hunting some products to shoot. I also got stylist Rachael Sadler involved and after a long search for a redhead model (which I really wanted for this shoot) I found Daisy Pettinger!

It was a nightmare to get a date sorted for this shoot.. Coordinating four busy people and getting a date that suited us all meant about 100 emails! (OK, not quite that many! But it was close) And in the end a stye meant we had to reschedule..

I made a neckpiece out of vintage sherry/port glasses and Rachael brought all the other jewellery. The shoot went amazingly well and here are the four final images:

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Sunday 2 May 2010

26 is a good age to start a blog

For some reason last week I decided it was a good idea to start writing a blog. I'm not the kind of person that likes writing on the computer too much and I'm also one of those people that start things and never finishes them, but I decided that 26 is a good age to start a blog.

Hi! I'm Garazi and I'm a female photographer based in Birmingham, UK. This year has been very exciting so far, including the opening of the new studio (more posts on that to come!), shooting in Cape Town (South Africa) and waiting for the first book with my image on the cover to be released later this month.

Last week included a client shoot with the lovely Lucy (which I'll finish retouching later) and an amazing beauty shoot with make-up artist Sian Davies, model Alison from Adage, hair stylist Sally Thomas and stunning flowers from Solitaire Flowers in Harborne (Birmingham). Previews will be posted soon.. as I'm catching up with retouching a load of shoots I did in London the week before, before my computer decided to through a complete wobbly!

So more images will be on the way as I start completing all the shoots! This seems like a very image lacking first post from a photographer, but it's a start! :D