Wednesday 25 May 2011

Loving the hats!!

I've been dying to show these images!!

I shot these images about a month ago for milliner Maggie Bainbridge's first collection. I'll post a link to her website once it's done, she needed the images first! Unfortunately for me Maggie moved to Canada about a week after the shoot; I would love to have her around to shoot her stunning headwear!

Sarah Nickolds provided the rest of the clothing, by local designers Gavin Douglas and Sulaimi Brookman, which suited the hats perfectly! I've been working with Sarah quite a lot lately, and her work is great.

I also met make-up artist Lucy Ridley on the shoot and stunning redhead model Milla Basma. Plus Stacie Walker assisted me and took all the behind the scenes images. They all did a lovely job! So happy about everything about this shoot!!


Hats: Maggie Bainbridge
Model: Milla Basma
MUA and Hair: Lucy Ridley
Stylist: Sarah Nickolds using Gavin Douglas and Sulaimi Brookman
Photographer's assistant: Stacie Walker
@ park studios
© garazi photography 2011

Wednesday 18 May 2011

BOYSSS!!! bts

I forgot to post these a couple weeks ago after shooting these three lovely boys! Quick little preview before the rest are published:

Stylist Krishan Parmar got in touch to shoot Max (Boss), Charlie (D1) and Callum and I couldn't say no! The clothes came from Damian Marquez and Tamara Joseph, with exquisite accessories by Hope Rosemary. Ami Streets and Becky Hunting were in charge of grooming, and Stacie Walker assisted me and took most of the shots behind the scenes.

The final images should be up soon, this is just a little sneak preview!

(hmmm.. I think I look like cousin it after a crop.. I can't seeeeeee!!)


This shoot is slightly more commercial than I usually shoot, but it was a fun day so can't complain! The final images aren't as smiley as some I took, but Emily looks stunning in them. And we even used on of the vintage prom/wedding dresses that live in the studio..

The images were shot for the lovely make-up artist Ganga Bhambra. It was great to meet her at long last! And just pure coincidence that when she walked in to the studio Michael Jackson was playing on the old school iMac (I think Ganga 'slightly' likes Michael Jackson.. I spied a banner in her car!). You can follow her blog HERE!

Model: Emily @ Adage
MUA: Ganga Bhambra
@ park studios
© garazi photography 2011

Thursday 5 May 2011

Millinery shoot BTS

This is one of my favourite shoots ever! The hats that Maggie Bainbridge makes (link to come) are stunning!! I cannot wait till these are retouched and shown to the world.. In the meantime some behind the scenes shots, taken by my lovely assistant Stacie and myself (kept stealing the camera off her, oops!)