Tuesday 4 May 2010

Lime Crime

A while back I emailed Doe Deere from NY cosmetics company Lime Crime. They make some amazing coloured lipsticks and eye dusts! I'm converted :D

She was lovely enough to send me and MUA Becky Hunting some products to shoot. I also got stylist Rachael Sadler involved and after a long search for a redhead model (which I really wanted for this shoot) I found Daisy Pettinger!

It was a nightmare to get a date sorted for this shoot.. Coordinating four busy people and getting a date that suited us all meant about 100 emails! (OK, not quite that many! But it was close) And in the end a stye meant we had to reschedule..

I made a neckpiece out of vintage sherry/port glasses and Rachael brought all the other jewellery. The shoot went amazingly well and here are the four final images:

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