Tuesday 20 July 2010

Nikki and Sohui

Last week was exciting as a I shoot I had planned with MUA Sonara Parker last year finally came to fruition!

We both appeared to have the same black and white vintage looking swimming cap so we decided to do a black and white themed double beauty shoot. We had loads of trouble looking for models but finally we settled on Sohui and Nicola. Which was a perfect pairing for me.. they have the same skin tone! Plus I love working with Nicola and I couldn't wait to work with Sohui (who now has amazing bleached eyebrows <3).

The team was completed by hair stylist Martin Bland.

Unfortunately I was unable to shoot this in my studio so it was a cramped lounge to remember old times! I can't believe I haven't shot at home since last December! It was weird but exciting at the same time..

The images turned out great, and I'm retouching them as we speak, but I have plenty of backstage images to share.. Including some wig shots (btw they are dodgy phone shots!) xx




And a tiny little preview.. only small until they are published!


  1. Wow! The preview looks absolutely incredible!

  2. Thanks! Having the two pale lovelies to work with helped loads..
    Can't wait to release them all, but will have to wait till they are published in October :( I don't like waiting!!!

  3. HAHAHA I look so hilarious in that wig!

  4. Preview looks fantastic! Looking forward to an upcoming shoot with Sophie myself :)