Monday 31 January 2011

Nicola - pure skin

Just realised I never put this story up!

I shot these images in September, it was the first shoot in the new studio.. I wanted to try the new space out, as all studios are different and I wanted to get to grips with this new one!

Nicola got in touch a couple weeks previous to that, wanting to collaborate. Nicola is a photographer so I thought she wanted a photography collaboration, but she's done modelling in the past and this is what she was after! I couldn't say no to her lovely lips!

I decided I really wanted to do some close-up beauty and as I was going through a brown and beige phase we went for an extreme natural look, using just foundation colours and light nude pinks and browns. Becky did all the make-up with her airbrush.. which was a fun experience.. I ended up with a blush leopard print patch on my arm!

Model: Nicola White
MUA: Becky Hunting
@ (new) park studios
© garazi photography 2010

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