Tuesday 22 February 2011

LFW, Model Mayhem and more..

Sooo.... I went to LFW for the first time this weekend and I loved it!! I hope I organise myself better in September and get to go for longer and to more shows. Didn't help that I got lost and that I missed the jazzkatze show that the lovely Krishan Parmar got me into.. But a lovely bouncer let me in to the next show! :D

I also watched a show where Claudia Polo's hats were showcased.. She's a lovely girl that I met last week who makes fair-trade accessories. She's in Ecuador at the minute getting her next collection ready.. looking forward to seeing it!

I managed to squeeze a night out with one of my best friends and also spent a lovely day with make-up artist and beauty writer Ami Streets (including some beautiful mandarin sorbet at Patisserie Valerie).. It was awesome to catch up with her, it's been a while since we last saw each other and we definitely need to shoot together again!

I found an amazing jewellery designer too.. I really really want to shoot her pieces. Email sent, so fingers crossed now!

I didn't take my camera this time, so I only have extremely blurry phone images of the whole weekend, so I'll spare everyone's eyes and keep them safely locked away..

I've also decided to give ModelMayhem one more chance.. It's definitely not what it used to be, and some of the messages I've received on there have been preposterous.. But I've also found some hidden gems in the past.

So I uploaded a load of new images, got rid of old ones and taking the messages with a pinch of salt!
Here is the new page: http://www.modelmayhem.com/357031

And one little image to brighten the post:

Model: Francesca @ Boss Model Management
MUA: Sian Faulkner
@ park studios
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Garazi xx