Thursday 31 March 2011

Behind the scenes for Joanna

A couple weeks ago I shot with new artist Joanna Briggs, who has just signed to LoveRock Records. The shoot was to get a main image for the album cover, which is going to be designed by artist Joe Buck. But we also squeezed in a load of promo images, which will be out soon.

The studio became a gypsy/Cath Kidston style house for Joanna to live in (which I want to recreate for myself now!) with loads of prints and floaty fabrics.. Also managed to use my pink dresser in the shots! Can't wait to retouch these! (plus my orange hair looks awesome in the sunshine :D)

Work goes on at the studio while we shoot.. the curtains were up just as we finished :D

Prepping for the shoot..

Joanna on set..

Best fabric ever!

 I got the dresser in a load of shots!!

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