Monday 20 June 2011

Front Cover Cosmetics

This month I got hold of an image I shot for FrontCover Cosmetics, it's available to buy at Boots nationwide. It's on the packaging for their ShadowBase eye primer, which by the way is absolutely lovely (I've been after a decent primer for a while, and this one is perfect for me!). It's easy to apply and all my eyeshadows look gorgeous now!

The stunning model in the image is Nicola Wright and the make up was done by Leanne Shaw. (The product comes on top of the image, but I had to take it off to scan it.. might have to get an image of it sorted soon)

This is the last image I took at the old studio.. around a year ago already! I remember it was on the same day as one of England's games at the World Cup. I took Nicola to the pub after shooting to kick-start her birthday celebrations and it was loud there! But very sunny too!!

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