Monday 11 July 2011

HUF magazine

Just found out I got another cover this month for online magazine HUF. The images accompany an interview with the amazing make-up artist Ruth Hancox, who I'll be working with again quite soon.

This shoot was soo much fun! We had a paddling pool in the studio to which we had to lower the models into very carefully so that the water wouldn't spill anywhere (I'll just note that the only water spilled all day went all over my foot/fabric pumps.. squelchy!!) and I was standing over them on a stepladder (not keen on heights + water +camera!).

The fabrics and outfits really worked together and the scrumptious cupcakes Ruth made kept my sugar levels buzzing. Thanks to the whole team for this one!!

Faybi and Jess were the loveliest mermaids in town :D

Models: Jessica Williams @ MOT and Faybi Samuda
MUA: Ruth Hancox
MUA's assistant: Sasha
@ park studios
© garazi photography 2011


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