Monday 15 August 2011


At last I have some new images I can release. I'm sitting on so many shoots I feel like the princess from Princess and the Pea; there are millions of mattresses (images) under me!

Anyway, this is the lovely Jenny @ Profile. All the images were shot outdoors with the amazing light and breeze that we were lucky enough to get. The make-up and hair genius is Kenny Leung and the superb stylist was Sylvester Yiu.. With all day entertainment by Kiki, the funniest pug chihuahua cross ever!

I've been gagging to shoot outdoor beauty shots lately, something much more relaxed than the usual studio based glossy images. And I think we managed to capture it perfectly in these images!

Model: Jenny@ Profile
Hair and Make-up: Kenny Leung
Styling: Sylvester Yiu

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