Thursday 16 February 2012

Ellie BTS

Hello! This is me at a shoot:

I like lime green (and matching colours!):

I even managed to match the backdrop to the sky on this shoot:

The studio is pretty cold in the winter, but I try to keep my models warm (and some leopard print never goes amiss!). I even let Ami the make-up artist swipe my coat for the day:

Ami always does an amazing job (and I always tell her to do her amazing Ami brows..)!

I also tend to flap around while the make-up is being done. Don't want to feel like I have nothing to do! So I hide and take pictures of what is going on:

This is Ellie. She has a gorgeous face!

And this is what we shot with her (final images will be shown soon!):

Model: Ellie Fox
MUA: Ami Streets
@ park studios
© garazi photography 2012

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