Monday 23 April 2012

Amy and Lucy BTS

Something a little darker and different from me.. The idea was to make the model look quite grungey and rockstar-like.. Can't wait to work on these!! Shame I've been ill and moving the house round (my computer is in bits waiting for its new home..) but I'll get to them soon enough!

With the gorgeous Amy modelling and amazing make-up artist Lucy Mckeown (introduced to me by the lovely MUA Sian Faulkner) I was very spoilt.

Make-up: Lucy Mckeown
 Model: Amy @ Adage
@ Park Studios, Birmingham
© garazi photography 2012

The team (on my very dirty mirror.. oops!)

New make-up artist means more make-up to fall in love with!

Messy hair time!



More messy hair!

Two studio essentials: Tea and hangers!

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