Thursday 25 October 2012

Shooting beauty for Scene Magazine BTS

I love it when we get to shoot a load of beauty looks with a great team. This shoot for Scene Birmingham Magazine was exactly like that: amazing team, 3 awesome models and 6 stunning beauty looks!

Unfortunately, by having so much to do in a day, I don't tend to have too much time left to take behind the scene shots. BTS images are something I love to do, they are a lovely keepsake of the day! But they also have a practical use. When I have new models on set, I use the time when they are getting ready (as long as I'm good to go!) to work out how I'll shoot them. Looking at their faces, angles and how light falls on their faces helps me figure out how to shoot them. When I have a second BTS camera on set I can take test photos as the model is being prepped, saving me a load of time later on!

Make-up artist: Rebecca Frances
Nails: Ami Streets
Hair stylist: Lisa Farrall
Make-up assistant: Jade Kisnorbo
Models: Anastasia G @ Bookings Models, Hannah Janes @ Next, Micky Sasse @ Models 1
@ park studios
© garazi photography 2012


  1. had such a great with you guys, can't wait for piccies :) hannah xxx

    1. It was awesome!! Thanks so much :D
      You should have all the images this weekend/early next week.. I retouched a couple of the freckle ones not going in the mag; I love them soooo much!

  2. Love these guys! Can't wait to see them in the mag! :)