Monday 17 December 2012

Jemma Saare BTS

This was my first test in a REALLY long time.

Make-up artist Rebecca Frances, manicurist Ami Streets and myself wanted to play with lips, nails and very close close-ups. And Jemma Saare has the perfect mouth!

It was Jemma's Birthday on the day of the shoot so we had cake and candles and smiles all over. This is how I like tests to be :D

Plus we did a couple natural shots to begin with too!

MUA/Hair/Cake/Candles: Rebecca Frances
Nails: Ami Streets
Model: Jemma Saare @ Adage
@ Park Studios, Birmigham
© garazi photography 2012

Lovely Jemma:

Birthday girl!!!

Becky and Ami work their magic...

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