Sunday 10 March 2013

Sam has ears

This shoot was quite close to not happening.... So glad it did!! We managed to get through a last minute cancellation, snow and illness to produce some gorgeous images.

I have a slight tendency to liking redhead models (real or not! might be the reason my hair is looking very ginger too), and when I saw Sam Wilkinson's new hair do (pointed to me by another beautiful auburn godess that is Skye - just realised I never published our collaboration on this blog... look out for the next post!) I couldn't wait to work with her! My aim is to shoot as many redheads as I can this year, and this shoot has put me on a good track!

I've also been waiting to work with the amazing Elbie Bayley for a while. We have messaged each other several times, but nothing had happened till this cold February morning.

The team was closed by the amazing James Hock. I've worked with him in the past, and when I realised I wanted black outfits to contrast with Sam's hair and to compliment my collection of ears there was no-one else to go to! [By the way, ears are what happens when I'm left in charge of styling, I need help!]

You can find the story on Papercut Magazine... I Can Hear You.

Model: Sam Wilkinson @ Profile
MUA/Hair: Elbie Bayley
Clothing: James Hock
© Garazi Photography 2013

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