Thursday 15 August 2013

Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda is all I could say while organising and shooting these images.

Early in the year I saw a beautiful editorial with headscarves and bright colours and the 50's dancer/singer's name just came into my head. I wanted to shoot brights, headscarves and (if possible) fruit on the head!! I put the concept forward to stylist Lizzy and I don't think she was too thrilled about using food as a styling element, but she was definitely up for the rest! And that's how this shoot came to be! I fell in love with the clothes, the make-up, the models... I think it was one of the most difficult shoots to edit down, so I just retouched a load of them!!

The story was published in Bahrain Confidential magazine (May 2013) and also on an article Lizzy Gardner wrote for Touchbase Magazine.

Stylist: Lizzy Gardner
MUA/Hair: Amy Rose Macdonald
Models: Charlotte and Stephanie @ Boss Model Management
Photographer's Asst: Patrick Dandy

© Garazi Photography 2013

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