Wednesday 18 May 2011

BOYSSS!!! bts

I forgot to post these a couple weeks ago after shooting these three lovely boys! Quick little preview before the rest are published:

Stylist Krishan Parmar got in touch to shoot Max (Boss), Charlie (D1) and Callum and I couldn't say no! The clothes came from Damian Marquez and Tamara Joseph, with exquisite accessories by Hope Rosemary. Ami Streets and Becky Hunting were in charge of grooming, and Stacie Walker assisted me and took most of the shots behind the scenes.

The final images should be up soon, this is just a little sneak preview!

(hmmm.. I think I look like cousin it after a crop.. I can't seeeeeee!!)


  1. can't wait to see these! the shoot looks so good!! x

  2. Thanks! I'll be sorting yours out soon xx