Monday 26 March 2012

A new dose of Nicola

I loooooooovveeee working with Nicola and I looooooooovvveee working with Sian, so getting them both together at the same time is like a dream come true!!! We got so many looks done too..

Make-up: Sian Faulkner
Model: Nicola W
@ Park Studios, Birmingham
© garazi photography 2012

 The best look of the day. Without a doubt!

Today I'm wearing (or on the shoot day I was wearing)... A granny skirt I bought for a fancy dress party.. I love it!

Nikki looking like a beautiful ballerina!

OOOPS! I went overboard with the sugar.. No wonder I was hyper and dancing around all day :D

I'm going to steal all of Sian's pretty colours one day...

Open wide!

Hmmm.. a little accident with the self tanning maybe?

Mish mash of colours :

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