Thursday 22 March 2012

Sohui and Roseanna for Sugarpill BTS

This was a treat of a shoot last Monday.. I got to play with ALL the pretty colours! I need to find some spare time but I can't wait to finish these off and show them to everyone. (Carry on reading as there is loads of info all the way to the bottom of the post!)

Make-up: Roseanna Velin using Sugarpill
Model: Sohui
@ Park Studios, Birmingham
© garazi photography 2012

Pretty pretty colours!!

I like Sugarpill make-up <3

Roseanna's undercut (nearly wrote undercute then, and I wouldn't be wrong!!) makes me miss my shaved side..

Silver robot face on the go:

The girls!

Love Sohui's backpack.. Cute and practical! (I think I'm gearing myself up to buy another bag.. girls need loads of bags!)

And a little peek as there is an ongoing project happening.. Can't wait for this one!! Amazing retoucher M. Seth Jones is writing a book about beauty retouching and he'll be getting his paws on my images for it! So keep an eye out for more info, as it will be an amazing read for all photographers and retouchers out there :D

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